What Is Hypermobility Syndrome?

Someone asked me the other day…

“What is is like to have Hypermobility Syndrome? I know it’s not just being flexible but to a lot of people you seem kinda normal… ish.”

Well for once I thought about how to really explain what it is like to someone not in the know. Then I had it…

“Having Hypermobility Syndrome is a bit like being a gambler”

which totally confused the person until I explained that it entailed waking up each day and guessing the amount of pain I am going to be in for that day and working out a plan to handle it.

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Kerbal Space Program

I’ve been working alongside my ATR 72 project on a way to make real steam gauges from scratch and one sim I really want to make instruments for is… Kerbal Space Program.

So what is KSP?

KSP is a game where the players create and manage their own space program. Build spacecraft, fly them, and try to help the Kerbals to fulfill their ultimate mission of conquering space.

Basically think Lego for NASA and you wouldn’t be far wrong. So in the next few months I will be making some prototype instruments and hopefully be making some building diagrams for users to make their own. One of the first major projects will be to make a Flight Director Attitude Indicator like the Apollo program used… A bit bold but recently we worked out how the real thing worked. As we don’t have $30,000 to spend, making our own is going to be cheaper (and $30,000 is second or third hand).

Flight Director Attitude Indicator

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KiCAD Is Awesome BUT It Also Sucks!

Well there I was, designing electronics stuff for my flight sim project and I’m using a design program called KiCAD that takes you from a schematic to a PCB layout. Most of the time it is pretty awesome (but Fritzing, another program is pretty darn good too). I’ve developed most of my prototype stuff with KiCAD in fact.

So anyway, I need to wire up some Seven Segment Displays… and need to work out a wiring diagram. I think “I know, I will knock up a quick wiring diagram in KiCAD as it has the exact 7-Seg displays I am using”. Sounds great. Except for the fact that the stupid anal retentive program insists on connecting said wiring to something other than a connector block. Every time I draw a wire FREAKING KICAD DELETES THE DAMNED THING AS SOON AS I LET GO. Why you can’t specify a temporary suspension of automatic circuit checking I have no clue.

So now I have got to draw up a full schematic just to get the wiring for the damned seven seg displays done. Total waste of time. Back to paper and pen I guess.

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I Hate Microshaft Windows

Once upon a time it used to be that updates to windows was reasonably quick… But now when Windows screams there is an urgent priority update and you finally cave in it take several hours to remove updates you probably didn’t need and which has now rendered your install totally unusable. It’s like a seatbelt salesman saying you really need this super duper new version and when you say “oh okay then… Go ahead” the salesman lets you start installing them AND THEN STRANGLES YOU WITH THEM!!!!

I needed to get onto this one pc to get a couple of files this evening… Just two small text files. But the message that windows is updating and not to turn off the computer came up and I waited and waited and then I got a nice BSOD which trashed the OS. Yay, thanks widows update… Was working fine before you trashed it.

So yeah… WINDOWS SUCKS… AGAIN… I’m seriously thinking of getting the os hard drive write protected lol. Then if a virus hits it will only need me to turn it of and back on again. No need for updates I don’t need then.

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Long Time No Update

Well it’s been a long time since i’ve updated the site so I thought I had at the very least explain why…

First off is that for every step forward with the sim I was taking two steps back. Very frustrating to say the least. I would get something made and then have to disassemble it for one reason or other. That’s the problem of living in a one bedroom flat.

So I decided my hoarding days were over and have slowly been giving away stuff that was not being used and binning the rest. In fact I really need to do the same to my shed as it is full of crap that I thought might come in handy at some point. Problem is that I can’t even move one inch inside the door it is so packed.

So now I am starting to get some free space at last it’s time to begin again. Those great guys at Ruscool are doing me some more panels too which is going to be awesome. But my next focus will be getting version 4 of my rudder pedals and version 2 of my throttle quadrant completed.

What will make life easier is that I am going to make the thing totally modular so it can be put together simply by plugging them in and problem parts can be removed to fix repair easier than before. What fun eh?

Later peeps,

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Sept 2011 Update

Well I’ve not been well recently so haven’t done much on the sim at all. I have got a bunch more parts though now which will make the project move forward as soon as I feel well enough.

One good bit of news is that I now have a reasonable camera so I will be able to document the progress I’m making from now on. The first bits will be the final versions of the panels back lighting.

There have been a few modifications to the Ruscool panels so some have had to go back to the shop for replacement. Once again, the guys at Ruscool have been wonderful to work with.

I’ll try and post some pictures of the work I’ve done so far next week. Should be a good test of the camera as I don’t know my shutter speed from my aperture (and yes I suck at photography).

Happy flying,
John (NeoMorph)

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Ruscool ATR 72 Panels Update

Well today the parcel with my ATR 72 overhead panels arrived… It’s been quite a while but considering that the company has been in the middle of a couple of nasty earthquakes (they are in Christchurch, New Zealand) I think they have done very well indeed.

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Ruscool ATR 72 Overhead Panels

Well I finally sent Ruscool the final payment for my overhead and main dash autopilot panels. Been a slog to save up enough but this is one project I have been wanting to build for over 30 years. OK back then it was just a Cessna sim I wanted but I decided on the ATR 72 now as it is such a sweet aircraft.

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UK Incapacity Benefit Crackdown Begins…

Sometimes I think that I am dreaming some of the decisions made by the ConLib government of the UK.

From the stupidity of Michael Gove’s “English Bac” to the removal of EMA support and raising the tuition fees limit to £9,000 per year to the reduction in housing benefit that will mean some disabled people having to move from homes they have lived in for years. Even the Conservative London Mayor, Boris Johnson, has likened it to “Kosovo-style social cleansing”.

But the one poor decision that worries me the most is this stupid tick box method of assessment to check if you are “Fit to work”.

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Portal 2 Drops in Price

I love it when GAME send me an email updating me on game releases and price changes. Todays one is about Portal 2… You Monster!

Dear Mr H

Thank you for the following order placed with GAME.

Order number(s):

We are delighted to inform you that we have been able to reduce the selling price of Portal 2 to 32.99 GBP

Your credit / debit card will be charged with the new, lower price upon despatch of your order, even if the price goes up again before launch!

Awesome… This is one title I am really looking forward to.


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